Superhumanoids were the final support act to join Erasure on the North American leg of The Violet Flame Tour and we caught up with them to find out how the Erasure tour experience treated them…


How did you feel before you stepped onto the stage for the first show in the tour?
Excited but stressed! We got stuck in heavy Friday traffic driving into New Orleans so had to rush on to stage directly from the street to set up our gear and sound check.

How did you feel when you came off the stage?
Awesome. The crowd was incredible and it made all the stress and long drives to start the tour feel worth it.

How have the Erasure audiences been for you so far?
They have been awesome. Erasure has a fan base who are into music and straight up enjoy themselves at the shows. They have also been exciting and welcoming to us as the support band, which isn’t always the case when you are on tour with someone else.

For anyone who hasn’t been able to see you, what’s your show like?
We are band first and foremost so we have drums, guitars, and other live instruments. With that said we also have a lot of electronic elements going on—programming, synths, drum samples, and more.

For anyone who doesn’t know you, which one song would you make them listen to ‘get’ what you’re about?
‘Come Say Hello’. We released it as a single in the beginning of the summer and we’re stoked with how it came it. Beyond that, it feels like it bridges the gap between our last album and where are next record is headed.

Have you been watching Erasure’s performances?
Yes and they rule! Andy’s voice is incredible and he has some pretty awesome dance moves. Vince holds it down in the back like a boss.

What’s your favourite Erasure song from the tour?
‘Elevation’ and ‘A Little Respect’.

What’s on your rider?
Tequila and tortilla chips (we’re from Los Angeles).

What’s the worst thing about being the support act?
The long drives.

And the best thing?
Making new fans.

How are you travelling from show to show?
In our van that we’ve had for many years, our second home.

What’s happening for you next, when you finish your dates with Erasure?
We are finishing up our second record which is to be released next year! Really excited for everyone to hear what we’ve been up to—we got a chance to play a bunch of these songs live on this past tour and it was such a great experience.