September 16th, 2014|

NINA is the current support act on Erasure’s The Violet Flame Tour and we caught up with her on a day off after the first three shows of the tour to find out how the Erasure tour experience was treating her…


Can you remember where you were and what you were doing when you heard that you were going to be touring with Erasure, and how did you react?
– I was in the studio working on some new material when the email from my manager came through and I couldn’t believe it. I felt like I was dreaming.

How did you feel before you stepped onto the stage for the first show in the tour?
– Everything felt very surreal and I was overwhelmed with joy. Of course the nerves did kick in just before the show but it’s all part of the experience.

And how did you feel when you came off the stage?
– I felt full of energy and extremely grateful to be part of this amazing tour. I’m very lucky to be able to watch Erasure’s show from the side of the stage night after night.

How have the Erasure audiences been for you so far?
– They’ve been incredibly supportive in every city so far, and I’m glad that I get a brief chance to meet them after each show. It’s very sweet how they go out of their way to share their love.

For anyone who hasn’t been able to see you, what’s your show like?
– Retro and dreamy. My drummer Laura is really going for it on the drum pads and I like to do some nice synth lines on some songs. People have said it takes them back to the 80s and 90s.

For anyone who doesn’t know your music, which one song would you make them listen to ‘get’ what you’re about?
– ‘We Are The Wild Ones’ would be a good introduction. It was my first single and the lyrics mean a lot to me, as it talks about not being scared of breaking away from your comfort zone and making big changes in life.

Have you been watching Erasure’s performances?
– I’ve watched every show from the side of the stage, but yesterday in St. Petersburg I finally got the chance to sit down in the auditorium and watch the whole show. It was incredible! The energy, the lights, the sound, the songs. Hit after hit after hit. Everyone in the audience was dancing and singing for the entire set.

What’s your favourite Erasure song from the tour?
– Do I have to pick only one? Always, A Little Respect, Oh L’Amour, Elevation.

Have you abused your Access All Areas privileges to go into places you shouldn’t have gone?
– Does stealing treats from the catering room count?

What’s on your rider?
– Lots and lots of water, ginger tea with honey and sweets for after the shows.

What was it like when you first met Vince and Andy, and what did you talk about?
– I originally met Andy a couple of years ago at a festival in Spain where we shared the stage. He was extremely sweet and inspiring. We talked about the music industry and how to stay true to yourself as an artist. I met Vince briefly in Miami, and we talked further in St. Petersburg about synths (of course). He was pretty interested in my little MicroKorg synth.

What’s the worst thing about being the support act?
– It can difficult to play to an audience who don’t necessarily know your songs beforehand, but that’s a challenge that I don’t mind facing, as the response has been great.

And the best thing?
– The best thing is to be able to run to front of house after my show and watch Erasure.

How are you travelling from show to show?
– We’re travelling in a fabulous tour bus, part of the Erasure float.

On a scale of one to ten, how much fun are you having?
– 100!

What’s happening for you next, when you finish your dates with Erasure?
– I’m playing a couple of shows in New York and off to California and Arizona afterwards. Then I’ll be back in the UK to finish my album, and start organizing my next UK and USA Tour. And I’ll be wondering if this incredible experience was all just a dream.