Erasure will be adding a new chapter to the ‘World Be Gone’ story on March 9th with the release of a companion album, ‘World Beyond’.

‘World Beyond’ is a collaboration with a Belgian group of post-classical musicians working under the name Echo Collective, and sees the songs from ‘World Be Gone’ undergo an classical re-interpretation. The album features new vocal recordings from Andy alongside gorgeous versions of the ‘World Be Gone’ songs performed on violin, harp, cello, double-bass, piano, glockenspiel and vibraphone.

The album is available right now from LEXER MUSIC and PLEDGEMUSIC, both individually (on CD, Limited Edition CD Book Pack, cassette and download), and in a range of bundles which additionally include options to purchase a ‘World Beyond’ t-shirt and 12″ art print. There are also 1600 ‘World Beyond’ postcards (800 at PledgeMusic and 800 at Lexer Music), signed by Andy Bell and Vince Clarke, which will be added to random ‘World Beyond’ orders.

A PLEDGEMUSIC or LEXERMUSIC pre-order of ‘World Beyond’ before Tuesday next week will also generate a unique code for you to use to enter the pre-sale for Erasure’s North American dates in July and August.