Erasure’s brand new video for their forthcoming single ‘Elevation’ is online now exclusively in partnership with Vevo…

‘Elevation’ will be released as a full single on September 15th in special 9-track CD or download formats with the following track listing:

ERASURE - Elevation (2014)

– Elevation (Single Version)
– Elevation (Extended Mix)
– Elevation (BT Remix)
– Elevation (Cutmore Remix)
– Elevation (Club Clique Remix)
– Elevation (BT Dub Remix)
– Elevation (Cutmore Dub Remix)
– Elevation (Extended Instrumental)
– Elevation (Live Rehearsal Version)

The CD edition of the ‘Elevation’ single is available exclusively from the official Erasure shop over at LEXER MUSIC and will not be available anywhere else and anyone pre-ordering the single will also receive a free integrated CD slipcase which will contain space for all the singles from ‘The Violet Flame’ project. As an additional bonus anyone pre-ordering ‘Elevation’ will be able to download an MP3 of the extended mix of the track immediately!

Here’s the extended mix of ‘Elevation’ for your listening pleasure: