Vince Clarke has today announced that he is to partner with Johnny Bravo creator, Van Partible, game industry veteran Scott Eaton (Medal Of Honor, Call of Duty, and Lost Planet 3) and veteran entertainment marketing consultant Michael Pagnotta in a brand new venture Easy Like, LLC. to launch Dancers Of War, a new, over-the top, third person action video game for both Mac and PC. The Dancers of War initiative will commence with a crowd-funding campaign at Kickstarter set to go live on March 31.

Here’s what the Easy Like press release has to say about the game:

‘Dancers of War’ is an action game centered around Sgt. Jack Dancer, a hardcore marine thrust into a world where dance has been weaponised. You are forced to forgo your machismo to squeeze into an unconventional weapon: an exoskeleton /leotard called the Exo-Tard 3000. This fully upgradable suit converts specific dance moves into unique energy attacks. Your mission is to dance battle through a legion of zombie-like soldiers and free a group of kidnapped dance masters. With each master you save, you add moves and energy to your boogie arsenal until you earn enough power to face the ultimate dance warrior (and save the world and stuff)!

The collaboration draws upon the four partner’s various experience in television, music, marketing, and gaming, and Vince will be providing the music for the game.

The Kickstarter campaign will go live on Monday with various incentives on offer for different levels of investment. Details are still being confirmed but the incentives are expected to include a digital EP of music created exclusively for the game by Vince, and the chance to win tickets and meet and greet opportunities for Erasure’s next tour later this year.

More details when the Kickstarter funding campaign goes online next week.